Mootools & jQuery : Inserting Elements

Mootools & jQuery : Inserting Elements

Well as you know I’ve been trying out MooTools recently, including starting a new series “Journey Into MooTools” at And I have to say I really like it, especially creating elements. For example, I find:

var img = new Element(
"img", {src: 'myimage.jpg',
'class': 'galleryimg', 
alt: 'Check out this image'});

Nicer than:

var img = $(").attr("alt", "Check out this
image").attr("src", "myimage.jpg").addClass("galleryimg");

MooTools is the first one. I love it! If there is a nicer way to do it in jQuery (I can’t find one but I have a feeling there should be) then please let me know!

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