Plumber’s Worst Nightmares

Listen, plumbing contractors don’t have it easy: They’re usually called to someone’s house when there’s either a blockage in their pipes (gross) or a leak (yuck). But, most of the time, that’s just part of the job. It’s not until snakes are crawling out of the pipeline that it becomes a serious problem. These are some of their worst-of-the-worst tales from the field.

Plumbing Horror Stories

Indoor plumbing is an under-appreciated modern miracle. Turn a faucet or pull a handle and everything you don’t want is immediately washed away into the dark unknown where you never have to think about it again. Unless you do. Or, perhaps more accurately, unless your plumber does.

Just about every plumber who’s been on the job for a while will have a good stash of horror stories, and they’re worse than you might imagine. Since today is everyone’s absolute favorite holiday that they definitely already know about, National Hug a Plumber Day, here are seven nightmarish stories that will give you a new respect for the heroes who will fix your catastrophically clogged up drains for you:

“One evening we received a call from a casino we often work with (we are located in Arizona) who had complaints of a backed up sewer line. When we arrived, the clog was so bad that the foreign object had been pushed into the main sewer line, backing up all pipes throughout the casino. If we didn’t act fast the entire casino would have flooded with raw sewage! A combination of sawing, digging and jetting led us to the culprit of four “Thomas the Train” toys that had been flushed down the toilet in the daycare of the casino. To say the least, it was a literal train wreck!” — Tim and Robyn Roth, owners of Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Yavapai & Coconino Counties, Arizona

Every Plumber Has a Story

“The day after Thanksgiving is called ‘Brown Friday’ by most plumbers, ” explains Marshall Adams of Adams & Sons Plumbing. “This might sound crass, but more people at one house means people flush the toilets more often. One year, we got a call from an older woman, because she had a clogged toilet. When we got out there, we saw she had somehow tried to flush an entire turkey carcass down her toilet! Why? She didn’t have a garbage disposal.”



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