Redesigns & Driving Tests: A Ramble of Sorts.

Redesigns & Driving Tests: A Ramble of Sorts.

After my long lack of posting on this blog I’m detirmined now, especially since my exams are all over, to redesign this. I’ve never done a blog on WordPress and used my own theme, so this is the key aim for me. It’s going be slow, but I’ve a good grasp of PHP and of wordpress so by following a couple of tutorials on the internet I should be able to do it pretty comfortably.

I’ve often deliberated on trying to release some free WordPress themes and it’s another skill I can add to my skillset to show off to potential clients.One site I have designed recently is my own, I did this a different way to anyway I’ve ever done a site before. I loaded up Coda & Firefox and went from there.

I went with a no graphics approach, played with some CSS3 and generally just made it up as I went along. The result is a bit like marmite, I think you either love it or you hate it, but personally I’m a fan so it will be staying for a while.

Although the old version was one of my favourites as well, so I might drop back to that. Who knows *shrug*. One thing I noticed, I registered that domain in May 2007 and that new design is the 13th iteration. That’s 13 iterations in what, 32 months? One new design every 2.5 months or so. I’m sure they should last longer.

In other news I’ve passed my driving theory test, which you will have seen if you take to following me via Twitter. Delighted with that, especially as it costs £31 per take, so I didn’t want to have to do it more than once, and I didn’t. Did loads of revision.


Back to the usual more geeky note, last night I loaded up Coda, which was on this Mac when I got it (2nd hand). I’ve fallen in love with Textmate but for a change I went for Coda, and I think I might have to be in love with them both. Out of personal preference I think I prefer Textmate for development (PHP/JS) but Coda was simply superb for HTML/CSS (and infact some jQuery as well). Coupled with the brillioant Zen-Coding and jQuery for Coda add-ons, Coda is one of the best set ups I’ve ever had. It’s comparable to absolutely nothing on Windows, and that’s why I love Macs. Better applications on a better OS 

I apologise if this has been a bit of a ramble, but I’ve got some cracking stuff lined up:

Coda vs Textmate

Something on jQuery 1.4

A brand new secret project I’m working on with @samblease

Another side project I started work on 2 months ago but then left it due to exams.

And loads more.


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