Where Can I Have Ear Wax Removal in London

Ear Wax Removal by Microsuction in London

At The London ear wax clinic, the method of remove ear wax used is a medical suction unit that is specially adapted for ear wax removal. 
London is particularly well-served for ear microsuction.

However, when anyone seeks to have earwax romoved in London we would recommend visiting a proactitioner with a 5 star ratings and reviews that have been received from satified patients at microsuction clinic locations in London.

Look for clinics which use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure that your ears are not damaged in the process. 

To achieve this a medical quality suction pump is attached to a tube and a 2 millimetre suction wand which is used to suction the wax from your ear. For clearing a blocked ear, clearing ear wax, reducing or removing pain from your ears, It is believed by most audiology experts that this is the quickest and safest method for removing impacted ear wax.

Microsuction In Use

Our special equipment enables us to see right into your ear as far as your eardrum via your ear canals and to determine exactly the amount of wax for removal and its location in your ear.

When we see you for your instant wax removal service for blocked ears, our specially trained clinical staff will firstly inspect your ‘blocked ear’ to determine whether microsuction is the correct treatment for you.

Under the guidance of Jason Levy, our Audiologists and highly trained specialist Nursing Staff will provide the best of treatment using the most up to date equipment for speedy removal of wax blockage from the ear canals and around the eardrum using Micro Suction.

We like nothing better than helping people to hear better, and we look forward to seeing you

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